Wednesday, 19 March 2008

My personal time at the hospital was extremely scary. I was young and unsure what exactly was wrong with me. To this day I still have not discovered the reasons behind my ill health. It is a question that I will never answer.

When I was 14 I began to suffer from debilitating head pains that would last for weeks on end. The hospital worked hard trying to discover what was causing this. Many theories were thrown around but no definite solutions. In the end I slowly began to recover and eventually returned to a normal life relatively free from this pain.

Even though the hospital was unable to help me medically they did in every other way. I was greated with smiley faces everyday. the staff were supportive, caring, but more importantly they treated me with respect. Whenever a new course of medication was introduced they asked my opinion. I was consulted throughout, they wanted to know what I thought and as such treated me as a adult.

Nothing can prepare you for something like this, the unknown, the fear that death could be round the corner. what helps is having doctors and nurses dedicated to finding a way out of this situation.

I am truely thankful!

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Friday, 7 March 2008

Great Ormond Street Hospital is a world-class children’s hospital, with the broadest range of paediatric specialists under one roof anywhere in the UK. They welcome around 150,000 patient visits each year, treating patients with the most complex, life-threatening or life-limiting conditions. They are totally committed to find treatments and cures for some of the rarest and most difficult illnesses.
They rank with the small handful of truly word-class children’s hospitals in the world, providing hope to so many families.

The hospital works with the UCL Institute for Child Health, its medical school, and is the largest centre for research into childhood illness outside the United States, and a major international trainer of doctors and nurses. It has the widest range of children's specialists of any UK hospital, and is the largest centre for children's heart or brain surgery, or children with cancer, in the UK. Recent high profile breakthroughs include successful gene therapy for immune diseases, following a decade of research.

The hospital was recently rated as excellent in its care of children (one of only a handful of trusts to achieve this) and also received an excellent rating from the Healthcare Commission, which only a dozen Trusts achieved.

In 2002 Great Ormond Street commenced a redevelopment program which is budgeted at £343 million and the next phase of which is scheduled to be complete by 2012. The redevelopment is needed to expand capacity, deliver treatment in a more comfortable and modern way, and to reduce unnecessary inpatient admissions.

Hi to all, my name is Charlie Stevens and I am an Undergraduate student at City University studying Journalism. As part of my introduction into Internet Journalism I was instructed to create my very own blog on a topic I felt passionate about. I have chosen Great Ormond Street hospital to focus on, this institution offers tremendous care for sick and dying children and for this and many other reasons I decided it was a worthy subject.

I was once a patient of this hospital and I know first hand how hard the nurses and doctors’ work, providing care, attention and most importantly an atmosphere free from fear. Many of the children admitted to the hospital do not leave; it is a harsh realization and is something these people have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. They face it with courage and determination; the fundamental aspect of their work is to make the lives of sick children just a little better.

The purpose of this blog is to offer the chance to anyone who has had experience with the hospital the opportunity to voice their opinions. Do you have or know someone whose child is a patient? Have you been or are you a patient? All your views are all extremely important. Personal experiences provide real insight. As well as providing an area for discussion, this site will also illustrate developments and donations that are being made. Hopefully this blog will create more attention to the needs of the hospital and generate more donations.